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Dinwiddie County

My name is Claude Whitehead III, Esq. and I am a Dinwiddie County Reckless driving attorney who practices regularly in Dinwiddie Courts. I was a Special Prosecutor in Dinwiddie County for a number of years and my Grandfather was the Clerk of the Circuit Court for many years in Dinwiddie County. My mother, Virginia Dix Hargrave grew up behind the old Courthouse in Dinwiddie County. Her brother, my uncle, Milton Hargrave was the Chairman of the Board of Supervisors in Dinwiddie County for 12 years and still resides near the old Courthouse. My brother, Hunt Whitehead, practiced law for many years with the current Judge, the Honorable Ray P. Lupold III, who is now the Chief Judge in Dinwiddie County General District Court. Obviously, Claude Whitehead is a Dinwiddie County Dui, Reckless Driving Attorney whose family is from Dinwiddie County and Claude Whitehead is a Dinwiddie County attorney who handles many reckless driving cases in Dinwiddie County and also DUI cases and numerous other types of offenses. I am treated very fairly there.

Ann Baskerville, the prosecuting attorney in Dinwiddie County, is very sharp and understands how to evaluate cases.