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Hanover County

Claude Whitehead is a Hanover County reckless driving attorney who has regularly practiced law in Hanover County Courts for over 20 years. I attended law school with The Judge in Hanover County, the Honorable Hugh Campbell. Judge Campbell is now the Presiding Judge in Hanover County. He is an all around very intelligent person with a very good feel for his position. Judge Campbell is very fair but he can be tough when he needs to be and the defendant deserves the tough punishment. The Honorable David Caddell is the other judge who frequently sits in Hanover County. Judge Caddell and I both worked for the same law firm for many years, although not at the same time. Judge Caddell is like Judge Campbell in that he is an excellent jurist. Judge Caddell has been a prosecutor, a defense attorney and now a judge. He truly understands his role in the courtroom. Judge Caddell sees the case from all sides. Claude Whitehead is a Hanover County Dui Attorney and Hanover County Reckless Driving Attorney who handles many reckless driving cases in Hanover County and also DUI cases and numerous other types of offenses. I have a very good working relationship with both Judges in Hanover County and I am treated very fairly there.